Source: Agencies22 Sep 2016 16:04:33

New York, September 22: Afghanistan’s vice president Sarwar Danish in United Nations General Assembly slammed Pakistan for breeding terror during his address to United Nations General Assembly. He said, merciless terror attacks against its civilians are being planned and organised in Pakistan which trains, equips and finances terror groups like Taliban and Haqqani network.
He further said that, Afghanistan has repeatedly asked Pakistan Government to take necessary actions against various terrorist groups and asked to destroy them. But still, thare has not been any development taken towards finishing terrorism from Pakistan’s side. Danish also alleged that the attack on American University in Kabul was also plotted on Pakistan's soil.

Turning to the world leaders in the Assembly chamber, Danesh asked, “Where were the previous leaders of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda residing, and where were they killed? At this very moment, where are the leaders of the Taliban and Haqqani network located? From where and how are terrorists being trained, equipped and financed during a full-scale war?”

He also said that any of the country should not make a distinction between good terrorism and bad terrorism. Terrorism is always a bad face which only kills peoples and brings insecurity, conflict etc. He further said that the Afghan government is leaving the door open to armed groups willing to seek peace. Interestingly, Afghanistan’s vice president Sarwar Danish spoke before Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to speak at the Assembly.