CPEC causing human rights violation situation in Balochistan: Azizullah Bugti
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Sep-2016

Geneva, September 22: Azizullah Bugti, Former general secretary of Baloch Republican Party (Switzerland chapter) has lambasted upon the Pakistani establishment for allowing China’s intervention in Balochistan region. 

In an exclusive interview to NewsBharati.com, Azizullah Bugti says that the China's interventions in Balochistan in the name of mega-projects will change Baloch in the minority on their own soil. He said that the lands in Balochistan are being allocated to the Punjabis and they are being settled by the Pakistan regime. Thousands of Baloch has been forced to leave their places, where so-called CPEC has to cross, Azizullah Bugti added.

Terming Pakistan a threat to the entire South Asia region, the Baloch leader said that Pakistan is busy spreading terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir through its jihadi groups.


Here is the full text of the Web Interview of Azizullah Bugti.

Q. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a specific mention* about Balochistan people in his speech on Indian Independence Day. How significant is this for your cause?

A: As you know, we Baloch has been struggling to gain our freedom back from Pakistan, which was snatched from us though the force by the Pakistani military in 1948.
And since then seeking international community's intervention against Pakistani barbarism on people of Balochistan.

And recently Balochistan's issue was raised by Indian prime minister Mr , Narender Modi on Indian independence day, is a huge development the Baloch nation, because Balochistan's plight has been never been raised on such a high level.

Q. What change it make when Modi voiced your fight before international fora?

A. As I said earlier, speaking on Balochistan by the Indian prime minister, itself a huge for the Baloch, but on the other hand, it will also give a recognization to the Baloch cause on international levels.

Q. What kind of suppression tactics is being adopted by the Pakistani Army right now?

A. Today Baloch nation is facing brutalities, barbarisms , enforced-disappearance, kill and dump policy by the Pakistan army, secret agencies and military-backed death squads.
More than 20000 baloch, women and children, political activists, teachers and belong to every walk of life are bearing inhuman torture in military's dark torture cells, and their mutilated dead bodies are being found on daily basis, and by now, more than 8000 baloch had been killed and whether their bodies are found on roadsides , thrown from helicopters and even buried in mass graves.

Q. What kinds of pressure are you facing currently ?

A. Pakistan army expanded military operations in Balochistan, as prominent baloch leader and president of baloch republican party Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti thanked Mr, Narendra modi on behalf of the baloch nation.

And since then Pakistan army targeting baloch civilians by gunship helicopters, mostly women and children, and only in Dera Bugti more than fifty civilians, including women and children have been killed and hundreds abducted by the Pakistani armed forces, since Mr, Narender Modi spoke on Balochistan.

Q. What kind of dialogue process undergoing between the Baloch leadership and Pakistan government?

A. There isn't any dialogue between baloch leaders and Pakistan government.

Q. What are your concerns about rising Chinese stronghold in the Balochistan region? How it affects the people there?

A. China's interventions in Balochistan in the name of mega-projects will change baloch in the minority on their own soil because lands in Balochistan are allocated to the Punjabis and they are being settled by the Pakistan regime, and also thousands of baloch has been forced to leave their places, where so-called CPEC has to cross.

Q. Do you agree to Pakistan’s repetitive alleging that Indian agencies stirring up nuisance in Balochistan?

A. Pakistan has been blaming India for supporting baloch struggle, but let me clarify that baloch struggle for freedom is solely run by the baloch nation, and we have no support from anyone till now, but I appeal India, Bangladesh , Afghanistan and other civilised countries to support the baloch nation.

Q. What do you think about Pakistan’s role in the region of India’s Jammu and Kashmir which is occupied by the Pakistan?

A. Pakistan is a threat to the entire region, and spreading terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir through its jihadi groups.

Q. There are many Human Rights organisation groups and organisations on fighting on an international level. What is your experience when it comes to Baloch human rights violation?

A. You are absolutely right that there are many human rights groups , they speak for humanity in the world , but they kept silence as human rights abuses in Balochistan are concerned, But here I urge amnesty international and other human rights organisations to speak against gross human rights violations in Balochistan by the Pakistan.

Q. What is the response from United Nations or United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner (UNHCR)?

A. Our party, baloch republican party led by baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti , has been highlighting baloch cause all over in Europe and many other countries , thorough, protests , seminars, long march, awareness camps , and even speeches by the BRP representatives at the united nations human rights sessions every year, but unfortunately united nations , which is responsibility to speak against human rights abuses in the world ,fails to take any action against Pakistan's inhuman crimes in Balochistan.

Q. What actually changed for you after the PM Modi mentioned about Balochistan people?

A. As I said before, Mr Narender Modi's speech on Balochistan itself a huge development for the baloch and his stance on Balochistan has highlighted baloch plight internationally, Rights after Indian prime minister Narender Modi's speech on the red fort,especially Indian started enlightening on human rights violations in Balochistan by the Pakistani security forces, now it will not be possible for the Pakistan to hide its crimes, which Pakistan has been committing for last six decades with impunity in Balochistan.


*Text of what Mr Modi said: “Today I want to specially honour and thank to some people from the ramparts of Red Fort. For the past few days the people of Baluchistan, the people of Gilgit, the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the way their citizens have heartily thanked me, the way they have acknowledged me, the goodwill they have shown towards me, the people settled far across, the land which I have not seen, the people I have not met ever, but people settled at far across acknowledge the Prime Minister of India, they honour him, so it is an honour of my 125 crores countrymen, it is respect of my 125 crores countrymen and that is why owing to the feeling of this honour, I want to heartily thank the people of Baluchistan, the people of Gilgit, the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for having an expression of thankfulness.”)