Brahumdagh Bugti seeks Indian asylum; sends formal letter to Home Ministry
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Sep-2016

New Delhi, September 23: Earlier on Thursday, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs had received a formal application for asylum from Brahamdagh Bugti. Baloch Republican Party Chief Bugti had met the Indian consulate in Geneva where he discussed about the matter of taking asylum in India.
The Baloch exiled leader is seeking asylum in India and met the Indian consulate of Switzerland to discuss regarding the process for the matter. After the meeting, he called the discussion very fruitful and hoped that all will go well in the process.

He also said his Baloch Republican Party has decided to approach the International Criminal Court against Pakistani army generals. Bugti said Baloch Republican Party has also decided to file case against China at the International Court of Justice and to do it, the party will approach India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for help.

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Earlier he had thanked PM Modi for his speech of Independence Day where he mentioned the issues of Balochistan. The Modi’s speech and the support of one of top Baloch leader towards Indian PM have given a new energy to the Baloch struggle. Thousands of people, migrants, and exiled communities are protesting against the Pakistan, who is creating a hell for people and citizens in its country through terrorism.   

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Brahumdagh Bugti is the grandson of Baloch nationalist leader Akbar Bugti. Brahamdagh is currently living in exile in Switzerland. He is an active leader of Baloch struggle. He condemns activities of Pakistan related to destruction of resources and Human rights violations in the Balochistan and voice for a freedom of the province, which was captured by Pak forces in 1948 after enjoying one year of freedom.Embeded ObjectIn the response of the event, the Foreign office of Pakistan on Thursday said that Brahamdagh Bugti's request for asylum in India was indicative of Indian involvement in terrorism in Balochistan.The spokesperson for the Foreign Office, Nafees Zakaria, claimed there is concrete evidence of Indian-sponsored terrorism and terror financing in Pakistan especially in Balochistan and Karachi which was substantiated by the confession of arrested Research and Analysis Wing agent Kulbhushan Jadhav in Balochistan.

However, the Indian ministry clarified to Pakistan that Jadhav had no relation with respect to be an Indian agent of RAW. The arrested person was not residing in India. India also clarified that he was arrested in a foreign country excluding India and Pakistan, which create suspicion on the grounds of claims.

India also mentioned that Home Minister of Balochistan said Jadhav was picked up from Chaman, but ISPR (inter services public relations) said Jadhav picked up from Saravan. This creates a suspected planned conspiracy from Pakistan towards the matter.