Source: Agencies23 Sep 2016 15:18:54

Islamabad, September 23: Pakistan seems to get nervous and frightened after India opposed Uri attack strictly infront of International community. India is continuosly condemning Pakistan on each and every issue related to terrorism therefore tensions in Pakistan have been arising. Interestingly, one of the senior Journalist of Pakistan named Hamid Mir on Thursday tweeted that fighter jets F-16 were seen soaring over Islamabad at 10.20 pm. He also added that he saw four jets in the sky and there were loud noises.
After hamid’s tweet several residents of the Pakistani capital city responded to Mir's tweet affirming that they heard the planes too. After this incident, tension aroused between the residents of Islamabad and they were afraid of war and came out of their respective houses.

Embeded ObjectIn the very next tweet, Hamid stated that war is not good for the poor people of South Asia who are in the majority and let the majority unite and stop this war mongering which is actually true.

Embeded ObjectIn an interview on Friday morning he clarified that he had spoken to Pakistani airforce authorities who were conducting war exercises and nothing else. He also appealed Pakistani’s to not to get frightened as it was just an exercise prformed by Pakistani airforce. Meanwhile, other Pakistani media agencies also stated that it was just a war exercise. He also informed that the Pakistani airforce was practicing to land F 16 fighter planes on the new motorway situated between Lahore and Islamabad.

Like to tell you that, the above incident can be a result of competition between Pakistan army and Government in order to show off their emotions related to Kashmir. Pakistan army and airforce also may be wanted to show off India that they are ready for war as India is continuosly dealing strictly with them on each and every platform. Through this event Pakistan army are also trying to send the message and a kind of assurance that they will protect each and every Pakistanis.