Source: News Bharati English27 Sep 2016 12:49:47

Long Island, September 27: The most talked about debate in US, the first US presidential debate was held on Tuesday at Hofstra University on New York state's Long Island. The debate which was between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton was the first of three planned presidential debates.
Both the nominees took the topic of creation and bringing back jobs on which Hillary Clinton said that she will fight for fair pay for female workers and to increase taxes on the wealthy. Trump however claimed that Mexico and other countries are stealing the jobs. He added that job creation will flourish under a Trump administration because of his plans to lower taxes and scale back regulations.

On racial discord and law and order Clinton said restoring trust between police and communities of color and reforming gun laws will fix race relations. She held gun violence responsible for deaths of young African-American men. Trump was asked the solution of racial divides, on which he said that stop-and-frisk" policing tactic is a way to bring down crime. The gun law in US was a topic where both the nominees agreed with each other. They agreed on not allowing people on a watch list or a no-fly list from buying guns. “We have to look very strongly at no-fly lists and watch lists,” pointed out Trump upon which Clinton agreed.

Talking upon the cyber attacks frequently taking place in US particularly by Russia, Clinton said that United States won’t to sit idly by and let hostile nations attempt to hack public or private information.  She highlighted Trump’s appreciation for Russian President Vladimir Putin on which Trump gave a nod of denial.

IS attack, the crucial issue was also taken into account in the debate. Taking out the leaders of Islamic State group would be the top priority said Clinton. She expressed hope of pushing out IS out of Iraq by the year-end. On combating terrorism in the U.S, Clinton specified that the she would use intelligence surge to obtain "every scrap of information" and to "do everything we can to vacuum up intelligence from Europe, from the Middle East." Trump responded saying,” I think my strongest asset by far is my temperament. I know how to win." Later referring to NATO and its Middle East policies, Trump said ATO needs to "go into the Middle East with us" to combat the Islamic State group.

In the next part, they also criticized each other’s health and physical stamina of contesting and carrying out the presidential responsibilities.  There will be two more debates deciding the fate of the nominees.