Source: News Bharati English09 Sep 2016 16:40:56

Islamabad, September 9: Calling his Nation as a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that his country is a responsible nuclear state and therefore it qualifies for NSG membership. He also pointed that in spite of problems in mutual relations, India and Pakistan should support each other in the matter of NSG.

He was addressing a conference on ‘Assessing South Asia's Nuclear Security’ organised by Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS). “Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and its nuclear assets are safe and regularised by an autonomous body which is Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority. Pakistan qualifies for the membership for Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and has mobilised the member countries for supporting the cause”.

He added that the Pakistan’s nuclear program is owned by the nation itself. He stated that the Pakistan’s nuclear program is only for defence purpose. He further said that Pakistani authorities were not given a proper reply to their suggestions over arms race in the region. He added that the vision of a nuclear free South Asia will not become a reality if India will be preferred as a member of the NSG.