Farmers of Idukki village to get title deeds for holding forest lands before 1st January 1997
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 13-Jan-2017

Thiruvananthapuram, January 13: What can be more relieving than to work for the betterment of farmers of the nation? Whatever we give them in return will always be less than their dedication towards us. Kerala government decided to issue title deeds to around 10,000 farmers of Idukki village before 30th April.The farmers of Idukki village will get title deeds for the forest land holdings. The farmers, who had been holding forest land before 1st January 1997, are eligible for the title deeds.

Revenue Minister Chandrasekharan said that 10,000 deserving farmers who had forest land in possession before January 1, 1977, and had obtained nod from the Union Government and the Supreme Court based on joint inspection by the Forest and Revenue Departments. The proceedings in this regard have already started.

The meetings were held by Revenue Minister on 22nd August and 15th December where the decision was taken to issue the title deeds to the farmers. The meetings were attended by higher officials and people’s representatives based on which the Revenue Department initiated steps for time-bound distribution of deeds. The farmers are going to get title deeds if they are eligible according to the joint verification report given by the Centre and State Governments.