Bring in whatever rules but Jallikattu must be held to keep up the traditions of our Tamil culture
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Jan-2017

Chennai, January 15: Speaking at Vikatan Film Awards, Rajinikanth on Friday extended his support for Jallikattu and said, "Bring in whatever rules but Jallikattu must be held to keep up the traditions of our Tamil culture." Notably, Kamal Hassan also extended his support for Jallikattu.

Rajinikanth further said that Jallikattu is the popular and ancient bull-taming sport, played usually around Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu therefore it must be held. He also said that Jllikattu is an important traditions of our Tamil culture and we should preserve it not ban it.  

Importantly, Supreme Court in year 2014 banned jallikattu, earning the wrath of its supporters and well-wishers. SC also said in the verdict that Jallikattu has claimed many lives till now and also hurted many animals. But Central government in 2016 seeing to the emotions of Tamil Nadu allowed to perform Jallikattu during Pongal festival.

Seeking a hearing on PIL against Jallikattu, Supreme Court again banned this traditional sport and said it cannot give its verdict on Jallikattu before Pongal even as political parties cutting across party lines had demanded from the Centre promulgation of an ordinance to allow the sport.

Jallikattu is a practice, more than 2000 years old, meant to embrace the bull during the ceremonial procession of Pongal festival. The name Jallikattu is an amalgamation of two words Jalli-Kattu, where 'Jalli' means coin and 'Kattu' meaning package. The event mainly involves young participants, who try to tame a specifically bred bull set free in a designed arena. Participants who try to grab the bull by its horns are bare handed and try forcing the bull to submission. The event also decides the fate of these bulls; all tamed ones will have to relegate domestic and agricultural practices, while the strong ones will be only breeding the cows.