Hafiz Saeed: The double-faced kingpin of a terrorist organization
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jan-2017

Media has reported the vain boast of the Pakistan-based terrorist, Hafiz Saeed, about a “surgical strike” in Akhnoor. The terror act took place on a General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) camp at Battal along the Line of Control (LOC) and led to the killing of three innocent civilians. What Saeed is trying to glorify is essentially an act of cowardice; he has chosen not to mention was that two of the civilians killed in the attack were Muslims from Uttar Pradesh.

In a series of blatant lies, Saeed said, "They (the terrorists) say they cleaned up 10 rooms and killed 30 soldiers, and destroyed the entire camp."

The story finds its roots in the series of surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) on September 30, 2016. A large number of terrorist camps located there were destroyed in the highly successful strikes and scores of terrorists housed in the camps and poised to infiltrate into India were killed.

Quite naturally, a substantial number of those killed were assets of Hafiz Saeed who, stung to the core, vowed the very next day to “show India what surgical strikes are.”

The vain boast referred to above is an offshoot of the promise that Hafiz Saeed made post the Indian surgical strike.

The aforementioned statements were made in an “orientation camp” for Jamaat- ud-Dawa (JUD) activists in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). JUD projects itself as a “charity organisation” dedicated to the welfare of deprived and desolate people.

The question that arises here is – why should a so-called philanthropist like Hafiz Saeed talk of blood and gore to his disciples of a “charity organisation”? If the sole purpose of the JUD is to assist humanity, then how does propagation of Jihad against India fit into the scheme of things? 

The answer to the question is quite simple – Hafiz Saeed was and continues to be the kingpin of a massive terrorist organisation that is directed against India, especially the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  The name of the organisation changes from time to time but the work stays the same.

Those whom he was addressing were not volunteers for a social cause but poor, uneducated and malleable young boys being indoctrinated to follow the path of terrorism in the name of “Jihad against India.” 

Hafiz Saeed was very cleverly trying to project infiltration, strike and ex-filtration from Jammu and Kashmir after killing scores of “infidels” as an animating picnic that leads to the killing of blundering “infidels” and ensures a permanent place in “Jannat” (heaven).

It is a possibility that he stage-managed the terror strike in Akhnoor to coincide with his visit to Muzaffarabad so that his indoctrination of a set of new recruits who would soon be infiltrated into India could get the requisite dose of credibility. Cannon fodder was being prepared to keep his evil agenda going.

The purpose becomes all the clearer from the next statement that Saeed made about Jihad being the only way to liberate Kashmir from India.

Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) was the base terrorist organisation created by Hafiz Saeed with assistance from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Its agenda was to spread terror in Jammu and Kashmir and proliferate further to the rest of India. The LeT became immensely powerful and effective but was banned by Pakistan in 2002 following an attack on the Indian parliament.

Hafiz Saeed, however, continues to carry out his activities by maintaining LeT as an underground entity while the face has re-emerged, fully intact and equally potent, in the form of JuD.

JuD was the recipient of the largest portion of foreign aid that flowed into the country for rehabilitation of those affected by the massive earthquake which devastated vast areas of POK in 2005. The banning of LeT, thus, proved to be a boon for Hafiz Saeed since he was able to get unlimited funds and also ample recruits for his terror machinery from among the deprived youth of POK.

Pakistan was forced to put JuD also in the terrorist in 2015 since the organisation was designated as a front the LeT. Hafiz Saeed wasted no time in forming yet another “charity organisation” the Falah-e-Insaniyat (Welfare of Humankind). He has, however, not as yet completely disbanded the JuD since the Government of Pakistan seems to be quite content with keeping it on the watch list and taking no further action.

The political leadership of Pakistan does not hesitate from playing the militant card as and when it suits them. On October 11, 2016, the Pakistan news daily Dawn wrote, “In a blunt, orchestrated and unprecedented warning, the civilian government has informed the military leadership of a growing international isolation (due to militancy) of Pakistan......” The government also expressed a resolve to expedite the inquiry into the Mumbai and the Pathankot attacks, both of which are the handiwork of the LeT. 

It has later emerged that the entire drama was stage-managed with the intention of ensuring that General Raheel Sharif, the Pakistan Army Chief and bête noir of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, demits his office in the designated time. The moment this happened, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif changed his tune and started talking about Kashmir being the soul of Pakistan. There can be no better example of double faced perfidy.

The manner, in which a criminal like Hafiz Saeed is moving freely in Pakistan, is spreading a message of hate and dispatching hundreds of youth to India as terrorists make it very obvious that he is of immense value to the political spectrum over there. Pakistan, therefore, is unlikely to take any action against Hafiz Saeed or other of his ilk.

It, therefore, becomes incumbent for the civilised world to bear upon Pakistan to put a rein on the nefarious activities that incubate on its soil, failing which; the sordid tale will not end.