Efficient “Robot Pharmacy” for you to give prescribed medicines in just minutes
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jan-2017

Dubai, January 16: Waiting in a line upsets us! Be it for the tickets at the railway counters or for the prescribed medicines at the chemist shop. No one likes to wait as people prefer fast and handy operations on a go. “Robot Pharmacy” will help to change this situation in reality for all of us.

Robot is selecting the prescribed medicines from the shelve

The United Arab Emirates UAE has inaugurated its 1st “Robot Pharmacy” at Rashid Hospital in Dubai. The “Robot Pharmacy” has started its services from Sunday itself. The Dubai Health Authority said that it will soon adopt the use of robot in all of its hospital pharmacies.

What is “Robot Pharmacy”?

The “Robot Pharmacy” is the robot which will help to dispense prescribed medicines at the click of button based on bar code.  It can store upto 35,000 medicines and dispense around 12 prescriptions in less than a minute.

Dr Al Syed said the robot can dispense up to 12 prescriptions in less than one minute, reducing customer’s waiting time. The dispensing process will be paper free as the robot will store the prescription as soon as the doctor documents it electronically. Depending on the robot to dispense the medication will allow the pharmacist to focus on giving the customers the correct instructions on taking the medication, he added.

Advantages of “Robot Pharmacy”

  • It will minimize human error as it will be based on bar code of the prescribed medicines.
  • It will save the time of the customers as it will dispense 12 prescriptions in less than a minute.
  • It can store upto 35,000 medicines at one time.
  • It will indulge in paper free process as it will store the documents electronically.
  • It will provide customers with exact guidelines to follow in order to consume medications.

Humaid Al Qutami, chairman of the Board and director-general of the DHA, announced that the authority will soon be adopting the robot in all DHA hospitals. The Dubai Health Authority said that it plans to adopt the use of robot in all its hospitals soon and to meet the 2016-2021 strategy which aims to achieve happy and healthy society.