PM Modi slams SP, BSP, Congress for looting Uttar Pradesh; appeals people to vote BJP for stable development
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 02-Jan-2017

Lucknow, January 2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed Maharally in Lucknow in which around 10 lacs of people participated. PM Modi at the start of speech firstly praised the enthusiasm of people who attended rally and also thanked people of Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi said that he never got opportunity to address such a big crowd before and this is for the first time in his political career. 
PM Modi remembering former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that he has fully devoted himself to nation and has very special affection for Lucknow. PM Modi also said that Kalyan Singh must be very happy after seeing the amount of people attended rally.

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Embeded ObjectBJP to win upcoming elections:

PM Modi said that the change of government is must in Uttar Pradesh for development. PM Modi also said, “some people are saying this election will end BJP's Vanvas in UP. We do not see it through that prism. It is not about BJP but about UP.” “It has not been Vanvas of BJP but the Vanvas of development in UP and I see that changing very soon,” he added.

Embeded ObjectPM Modi urging Uttar Pradesh:

PM Modi said that the Uttar Pradesh has voted BJP in Loksabha elections therefore for the first time in India, it has stable government. PM Modi also said that to transform India, the first precondition is to transform Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi appealed Uttar Pradesh to vote BJP for future development.

Embeded ObjectPM Modi taking on opposition and corruption:

Prime Minister Modi aggressively said that UP government has not worked for common people for state. Taking on SP, BSP and Congress PM Modi said that none of the above party worked for people. These parties are only working to benefit themselves. PM Modi also said that he has taken a decision to curb corruption but SP, BSP and Congress are taking decision to stop Modi.

Embeded ObjectPM Modi said that he asked to remove corruption but opposition is asking to remove Modi. PM Modi further said that only objective of BJP is to provide all benefits to the people of country and state. BJP’s high command is people of India and other political parties have corruption, family etc as a high command.

Embeded ObjectPM Modi promised that the BJP government will always work for people and finish the corruption from country. PM Modi said that BJP government is full of responsibility and also know to fulfill the responsibility.

Embeded ObjectBJP chief Amit Shah while addressing a Maharally in Lucknow said that Samajvadi Party and BSP has only looted the farmers and poor because central government has provided 1 lakh crore each year for development of Uttar Pradesh but still he have not seen any infrastructural development.

Embeded ObjectShah while addressing stated the work of BJP government and said that the massive development and changes is done in all the states where BJP has got mandate. All BJP government states have 24 hours electricity, water, employment, safety of women etc. Bit UP has nothing because of SP and BSP government.

Embeded ObjectTaking on demonetization, Shah said that the oppositions are feared and are tensed because they are corrupt. He further said that demonetization is very bold and correct move in order to curb black money. UP has got very hard working farmers and fast growing youth but still any of the government has not provided them any kind of benefit.

He also said that SP has not provided any benefit to poor and farmers and are also afraid that once BJP get into the power here in UP than in future no one can beat PM Modi as he is the only person who can provide all the benefits to whole country. Shah said, the differences between Shivpal and Akhilesh is only a political stunt and trying to earn sympathy from UP which will later turn into votes.

On the other side, Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Uma Bharti claimed that whatever happened in Smajwadi Party is only a drama and nothing else. She also said the party which cannot be unite that party does not have ability to lead the state.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh also addressed Maharally in Lucknow and fired BSP, SP and Congress party for not providing any of the benefits to the poor and farmers. He also said that except BJP all other parties have looted sates as well as country. On this occasion, Rajnath Singh praised PM Modi and his policies that have benefitted directly to the poors, farmers, youth and common citizens of India.

Rajnath Singh in the end of his speech said that BJP government is only meant for development and work, it is meant for benefitting poor, farmers and growth. Rajnath urged Uttar Pradesh to give mandate to BJP.