Govt sanctions ‘special assistance’ for several states; to expedite the completion of approved Schemes
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 20-Jan-2017

New Delhi, January 20: Government has sanctioned the special financial assistance to several states for the betterment of infrastructural development and growth, to expedite the completion of their area specific ongoing approved Schemes etc.
The Central government has given Rs. 2,207 crore given to Jammu and Kashmir as special assistance during the current financial year to expedite completion of area-specific schemes. This includes over 1093 crore rupees for permanent restoration of damaged structure in the state.

Embeded ObjectFinance Ministry in a release said, the Centre has also decided to provide further special assistance of over 1,129 crore rupees to Bihar during 2016-17 for completion of the approved ongoing projects under the special plan for Bihar. It said, with this the centre has so far released over 6,934 crore rupees to Bihar.

Embeded ObjectSimilarly, the government has used the special assistance to support the newly-formed states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It said, a further release of over 1,976 crore rupees to the state of Andhra Pradesh was made during the current financial year.

Embeded ObjectThe Ministry said, keeping its commitments to support the development of backward areas of Telangana, the central government had provided a further special assistance of 450 crore rupees to the state.

Embeded ObjectAn amount of 200 crore rupees was released for Tamil Nadu as special assistance to resolve the issues affecting processing industry in Tirupur for the adoption of Zero Liquid Discharge by 18 Common Effluent Treatment Plants.

Embeded ObjectThe Ministry said, special assistance of nearly 368 crore rupees was given to Odisha for funding of projects under the special plan for Districts of Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi.

Embeded ObjectThis assistance is provided in view of the Government of India’s commitment to fulfilling the development agenda in backward region notwithstanding the fact that the State Plan Schemes including BRGF (State Component) are subsumed in larger devolution of Union Taxes and Duties to the States in terms of Recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission (FFC) and are delinked from the Union support with effect from 2015-16.