'No China Go China' : Awakened Sindhudesh buzzing with Anti-CPEC protests
Source :News Bharati English   Date :22-Jan-2017

Karachi, January 22: After strong voices rising up against the unholy China pakistan economic corridor from Balochistan and Gilgit baltistan, now the awakened people of "Sindhudesh" are pitching strongly against human rights violations by Pakistani forces to facilitate multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

With a new mantra "No China Go China", whole Sindh is buzzed against Chinese persecution and Pakistan's assertion to that the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), a Sindh-based nationalist party, has announced Sindh-wide strikes to protest Against #CPEC.


The China Pakistan economic corridor passes through the Gilgit baltistan region, which is defacto a part of jammu and kashmir, the Balochistan region, which wants freedom from Pakistan and now the Sindh region in which the people are demanding for saparate 'Sindhudesh'.

The media reports and social media sorces are telling that Several anti-China protest are being taken conducted in the Sindh area in Pakistan against the human rights violations and the multi-billion dollar CPEC.
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JSMM has led a massive rally-cum-march starting from the Indus Highway to the tomb of Saint GM Sayed, the 20th century Sindhi scholar and politician who started the Sindudesh movement.

Reports say that the protest saw some anti-CPEC, anti-extremist and religious terrorism banners and placards, which demanded the independence of Sindh. JSMM leaders and activists placed floral wreaths at the tomb of Sayed and the tombs of the martyrs of Sindhudesh movement and recited the national anthem of Sindhudesh as a salutation on the eve of 113th birthday of Late Sindhi leader.
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The Chairman of JSMM, Shafi Burfat tweets: "The chinese military aggression ,expansion and political Nexus with Pakistan will accelerate islamic extremism & terrorism in world. the chinese military aggression ,expansion and political Nexus with Pakistan is dangerous for future of world peace."
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“Sindh has always been an independent country and nation since ages”, Shafi said in a video message. He declared that the CPEC to be the death warrant for the cultural, economic, geographic existence of Sindhi and Baloch nations, calling it a “Punjabi conspiracy" to strengthen its imperialist expansionist hegemony over Sindh and Balochistan.
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Burfat observed that the CPEC is a “trigger of international conflicts and nuclear arms race in the region and strategic military design of Chinese aggression over the Indian ocean.”

The Chairman of the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz has asked international community and United Nations to take "an immediate notice of Pakistani state’s brutality and inhumanity against the Sindhi and Baloch political activists", condemning the enforced disappearances of veteran JSMM leader Ustad Muhammad Rahimon and others.

Burfat has announced a Sindh wide strike on February 20th to protest against CPEC and appealed Sindhi nation, trade unionists, lawyers, journalists, students and every Sindhi to cooperate and participate in the strike to send a clear message to the civilised international community and Chinese imperialists that Sindh will never accept CPEC and slavery of Punjab.

The true spitit of Sindhudesh

JSMM believes that Sindh is under complete slavery of Pakistan (Punjab) and hence all of its policies are antagonistic against the state of Pakistan. It completely rejects the each and every policy of the state that harms the national interests of the Sindh.

JSMM considers Pakistan a theocratic fundamentalist imperial colonial and irresponsible state that enslaves and exploits the nations chained in its federation. JSMM, on international level, has always censured the religious fundamentalism and terrorism and has acknowledged and supported the war on terror to be true and righteous