3.5 Lakh Indians beat record of Bangladesh by singing “Jana Gana Mana”
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 23-Jan-2017

Gandhinagar, January 23: India is my country and I am a proud to be Indian. The motherland to multiple religions, cultures, languages, rituals offering her love to billions of people under the umbrella of oneness. Being Indian is one of such strand which binds Indians together on this vast land. Patriotism won when Indians on Sunday broke the record by singing “Jana Gana Mana”- national anthem of country at an event.At an event in Rajkot on Sunday during the installation of idol of goddess Khodiyar at a newly built Khodal Dham temple in town over 3.5 lakh Indians united to beat the record of Bangladesh of singing national anthem. Almost 2,54,537 people had sung the national anthem in Bangladesh in 2014 and set a record. That record was broken by 3.5 lakh Indians.

Hansraj Gajera, a member of Khodal temple said that "Over 3.5 lakh people sang the anthem together at the idol installation ritual in the presence of observers from Guinness World Records. We received certificate of record from Guinness World Records officials.”

The trust also set two new records for Limca Book of Records, by organizing the longest (40km) 'shobha-yatra' (procession) and a 1008-kund `mahayagna', he added.

Over 50 lakh devotees were estimated to have visited the temple during the five-day installation ceremony which began on January 17.The temple was built at the cost of Rs 60 crore. The trust was planning to set up an agricultural university adjacent to the temple premises, Gajera said.