Telangana appeals to set up more Navodaya Vidyalayas to provide quality education
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Jan-2017

Hyderabad, January 23: In a bid to empower education Telangana steps forwars to set up Navodaya Vidyalayas so that the students receive quality education. The All India Navodaya Vidyalya Staff Association (AINVSA) appealed to the Ministry of Human Resource Development to set up vidyalayas in each of the newly formed districts of Telangana.

Janaki Devi, president, Telangana state Executive Body, said that "apart from the existing nine Navodayas in Telangana, GOI should set up a Vidyalaya in each district so that quality education is made available to all the children.” The Navodaya staff also highlighted gender discrimination which is shown among kids and asked to stop assigning duties like sweeping, roti-making only to a girl child. The association also highlighted how the teaching and non-teaching faculty working in various Navodaya's across the country are facing problems because of the government's indifferent attitude and asked the HRD to relief pressure by allotting fixed working hours.

The association demanded the Navodaya Vidyalaya School to do away with the fixation of the unscientific benchmarks and requested them to allow students to enjoy the joy of learning. They also demanded NVS to upgrade the post of Modern Language teachers from Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) to Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) and expressed its discontentment at the delay though the HRD ministry has approved the proposals of the NVS a long time ago. Their other demands include the grant of old CCS Pension to the staff of NVS, Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) benefits to the teaching staff in place of senior selection.