Karnataka State games to get digital boost through ‘Score Up’ mobile application
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 25-Jan-2017

Bengaluru, January 25: Technology has streamlined every aspect of utility which we use on our daily basis. Everything has combined up with a digital platform to a certain level which now has become essential for every individual. Science, Bookings, Information etc is just on a click-the reason is technology. Likewise technology and sports are set to join hands in Karnataka’s State Games.
The Karnataka Olympic Association, led by President K Govindaraj and the state government mentioned about the project which aims at providing the information to athletes, officials and staff. Only smartphone will be the requirement with good internet connectivity. The mobile app “Score Up” will provide the information to the sports enthusiasts and athletes. The official games website and the app on Amazon Cloud will ensure consistent and high performance even if it is accessed via a 2G network.

To get register on the app information of an athlete will be taken through digital mode. Eight Score UP employees are already in the office to look upon the administration. The collect and gather information of athletes who participate and support staff in administrating. After getting registered participants will be classified according to sport for which he/she plays. Score Up co-founders Sujith Paramba, Sanjay Chaturvedi and Binoy Mathunni said participants had the option of registering online but since participation had to be endorsed by their respective associations, some paperwork was necessary.

Once registration is done, a participant will receive her login details via a text message. After logging in, she'll be able to see the boarding and lodging details, distance between the accommodation and venue. Each athlete will also get an ID to keep track of results. A notice board will be provided on the website and app for breaking news.

Experts said that "distribution of ID cards, food coupons and welcome kits are a challenge. Now, soon after registration, we know who is landing when in Dharwad. Once ID cards are handed over to athletes, they'll be entered into the central database. These are color coded and come with predefined template to differentiate between participants at the games. We picked up the color combinations from the Olympics. An extra bit of information added is what the athletes ought to do once they land in Dharwad,"

"We won't do live scoring. We have devised multiple methods of capturing results, depending upon the sport, and updating them. We have deployed 6-7 officials at our office at the Shetty stadium to enter data and both KOA and government assured us that results would reach us promptly .Though it won't be a real-time exercise, the results will be available at the end of each day,” they added.

The Score Up team expressed their thankfulness saying that "we're thankful to sports minister Pramod Madhwaraj and KOA president K Govindaraj for their foresight to bring technology to manage the games.”