Super Bowl Live event brings you the thrilling ride to Mars, Are you ready?
Source :News Bharati English   Date :27-Jan-2017

Houston, January 27: Ever wondered about visiting ‘Mars’! How small our planet Earth will look if we land on Mars? How higher? Butterflies in your stomach, right? Brace yourselves, because NASA is all set to give you the experience of visiting the Mars and exploring the space. In the nine day festival starting from tomorrow i.e 28 January to 5 February, the event of Super Bowl Live at Johnson Space Centre, NASA will showcase their space exploration and their research.The fans will get to see the real world examples of astronaut training, NASA’s Orion spacecraft, deep space technologies, live interactions with NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson. These both are currently living and working 250 miles away from Earth on the space station. This experience will help for future astronauts to gain insights about aerospace industry. The exhibits will also address the activities of NASA which involves the progress made by the NASA on the journey to Mars, scientific research, great space telescope and International Space Station.

“These new ideas will help future robots and astronauts explore more than ever before, build a long-term space presence and conduct a wealth of science experiment,” stated a NASA press release.

The heart of this event is that at future flight, the primary attraction at the free fan festival, riders will take a trip to Mars and back using virtual reality goggles on a 90-foot drop tower ride. Visitors also will get a chance to see a model of NASA’s Orion spacecraft that’s used for water recovery training; a replica of the Curiosity rover currently exploring Mars; a rover-like space exploration vehicle concept that could be used for in-space missions or to explore planetary surfaces; space station exhibits; and other interactive space-related content.

The goal of this event is to entertain people, educate them on the future human spaceflight and showcase the city. NASA has stepped forward to showcase their technologies and inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and astronauts."It's about economic development, ultimately," said Ric Campo, board chairman of the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.