Jammu-Kashmir remains a distant dream still, Nawaz sings the  Kashmir raga
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 06-Jan-2017

Islamabad, January 6: India and Indians have got one more reason to laugh on Pakistan as it claims Kashmir as its integral part. Pakistan is dreaming about to own Kashmir but the dream will only remain as a dream. Interestingly, Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Thursday said Kashmir is Pakistan’s integral part.
Sharif while addressing International Parliamentary Seminar on Kashmir held in Islamabad further aggressively appealed International community to tell India that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. He also said the world needs to tell India "enough is enough" with regard to its policy towards the freedom movement in held Kashmir.

Notably, the country which already stands on the verge of split claims that Kashmir wants to get separated from India. Balochistan, Sindh are already fighting for their freedom against Pakistan and Pakistan is asking for the freedom of Kashmir. Well, Pakistani PM has no proof for claiming Kashmir as their integral part. History itself is a proof that Kashmir purely belongs to India.

Pakistan itself carries terrorism as its primary policy which not only kills people but also kills humanitarian should not suggest any other country about the policies. The world knows about the policies of both India, therefore, they never speak against it. Pakistan’s own policy is a mistake.  

Pakistani PM claimed that India’s policy in Kashmir led to the death of many Kashmiri’s and especially those Kashmiri’s who were fighting against India and their policy. Nawaz hypothetically claimed that Kashmir wants freedom and merge with Pakistan. Nawaz blamed India for killing Kashmiri’s.

Nawaz said, "Seventy years of brutal repression and Kashmiri struggle in the face of that oppression have shown cries of freedom cannot be stifled by sounds of bullets.” Nawaz while addressing seminar also claimed Burhan Wani as a freedom fighter. Referring to Burhan Wani as a "vibrant and charismatic leader", Nawaz said that his "martyrdom has become a rallying point for the freedom loving people of the territory."

Interestingly, Burhan Wani was a terrorist and was involved in many attacks in Kashmir which led to the death of many Kashmiri’s. In fact, Kashmiri’s were also happy after he was killed by Indian security forces.  

Firstly, on what basis Pakistani PM claims Kashmir as an integral part of Pakistan? On what basis Nawaz Sharif claims that Kashmiri’s want freedom and get merged with Pakistan? On what basis Pakistani PM claims Burhan Wani as a freedom fighter, he himself killed many Kashmiri’s before he was killed by Indian security forces?