World’s first “Braille Atlas” for the blind made in India
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 08-Jan-2017

Tirupati, January 8: India is the land of diversity, in culture, religion, language etc which fills up so many colors in the life of people. Everything is beautiful yet one needs a sight, sense, and desire to feel and see the beauty nation has. Blind population can feel the map of India as due to the help of technology, the population belonging to blind can have access to what exactly “What India looks like”.

In today’s days the navigation system is of utmost importance, but ever thought how a blind could access it? We have seen the map read and learnt the map but for the blind who has never known it, this comes as a ‘box of surprise’. As blind people have strong sense of touch the newly made map will be made accessible for blind people.

The National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization of Kolkata have stepped forward to make such unique atlas. In this version of Atlas, the map outlines are raised and embossed on paper using silk screen printing in order to feel them. This is called as “Braille Atlas.” This initiative taken by NATMO will help to bridge the gap between Indian science and the social need.

At the Indian Science Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “on the lines of corporate social responsibility, the concept of Scientific Social Responsibility needs to be inculcated to connect our leading institutions to all stakeholders, including schools and colleges. We must create an environment for sharing of ideas and resources.”

Prithvish Nag, Surveyor General of India, said “This is the first full atlas for the blind in the world. Most other efforts in the world have been to make individual-tactile maps but to make a full atlas which can be mass produced, this Indian effort that.”