At least 65 killed and several wounded in Syria’s truck explosion
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 08-Jan-2017

Azaz, January 8: At least 65 civilians got killed and more than 120 got wounded when a fuel truck exploded in city named Azaz, near Syria’s border on Saturday. As there are continuous bombings happening in Aleppo province, even this blasts is suspected as a terror attack though IS didn’t claim responsibility behind this explosion.
Rami Abdurrahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group, said that the explosion was caused by a rigged fuel tanker. The civilians are always been on target as continuous explosions have taken many lives shook the province of Aleppo. On Saturday, the massive explosion took place outside the courthouse and headquarters run by opposition group, where at least 14 rebels got killed. Many of them were civilians who got killed and wounded. “Identification of the dead was difficult as some bodies were completely burned in the blast,” Abdurrahman added.

Fire department rushed to the scene to blow off the fire and smoke which engulf the city after blasts. Rami Abdurrahman said that at least 50 people were killed, including 14 fighters and guards to the local courthouse. The explosion was caused by a rigged water or fuel tanker, which explained the large blast and high death toll.

Abdurrahman said that this seems to be the terror attack as civilians are always the target and even last time in the month of October several were killed in a car bomb blasts.  Also lawyer by profession Osama al-Merhi said that the Islamic State is responsible of the explosion. " They are the ones who target civilians and the cadres who are building this country, these kinds of crimes are only committed by the terrorist group Daesh," he said.