21 dead and more than 9 lakh people displaced due to floods in Thailand
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jan-2017

Bangkok, January 9: At least 21 dead and almost more than 9 lakhs of them were displaced due to floods from heavy rainfall in southern parts of Thailand. Millions of people got affected as many villages got submerged in these heavy floods. Many of them went missing as roads took over by flowing river.

Farmlands, schools are heavily damaged as the water level rose to roof level. Meteorological department said that it is still raining heavy and warned earlier about the floods. “The situation is very bad today and tomorrow. It’s still raining heavily,” said Junjuda Pornsri, a meteorological official.

Bapha Suthiphanya, a 60-year-old, said she was forced to evacuate her home after the waters rose above her head. I was so shocked and scared. I’ve never seen water like this and I also cannot swim.”

“Some tourists are enjoying the flooding, they’re taking pictures and going swimming,” said Nongyao Jirundorn, a tourism official on Samui island. Due to heavy floods flights have been delayed and buses and train transport have been suspended.

Rescue operations are still on for those who are stuck and help the people. Armed forces across the region have been mobilized to help evacuate flood victims, provide temporary shelter and distribute emergency aid. Also two army helicopters were deployed to deliver food to the families trapped inside their houses.  Early week Malaysia was also hit by severe flooding, with thousands stranded in relief centres in two northeast states.