Governor of Assam Banwarilal Purohit stresses on the ‘Education’ and ‘Moral Values’
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jan-2017

Guwahati, January 9: Education always played a vital role in shaping views of a person and making the person “human with morals”. Understanding of right and wrong comes through education. Inculcating values too holds a major trait of getting educated throughout the life. On completion of 80 years of Khetrihardia Higher Secondary School, Governor of Assam Banwarilal Purohit stressed upon the importance of education in the life of students on Sunday.
While interacting with students he said “education that helps the students to build moral character can go a long way in addressing burning issues like corruption. If the education system of our nation helps our students imbibe and nurture moral values they can build a deterrent against corruption and if that can be done our country can script many success stories and can surpass many developed nations of the world.”

Governor asked students to understand the importance of dedication, discipline and determination. He called upon the students to achieve their goals with ‘hard work’ and ‘dedication’. The moral values and their intelligence will take them far ahead in life. If every one of us implies the moral values, it will make difference to the society.

Governor praised the demonetization move of Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that due to support of everyone India has been able to crackdown on ‘corruption’. He called upon for the efforts from the students for the betterment of self and the society.