Venkaiah Naidu urged people to fight equally with government to eradicate poverty
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Jan-2017

Vijayawada, January 9: Today, India’s development is at faster pace as every sector, state, individual is striving hard to make the country a developed economy on a global level. On one side where poverty and corruption had stuck at the roots of the nation, slowly and steadily India fortunately has some hopes to get cured from this illness. Likewise Union Minister for Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu urged people to fight equally to get rid from poverty.
Emphasizing on development drive Naidu spoke during Swarna Bharat Trust Vijayawada’s 1st Anniversary celebrations, he said that alone government cannot help get rid of poverty but every single person should strive hard to accomplish development goals. He said “the rural-urban divide continues to be a cause for concern seven decades after the country achieved independence. Bridging the yawning gap between the haves and have-nots should be taken up as a challenge. It is only when poverty is eradicated India can claim to be a rising global power.”

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In spite of developing, some sections of society still don’t have electricity; some children still don’t get education, basic needs etc. which is the cause behind poverty. Only the cities are developing at higher speed because of their literacy and understanding. The same need to get in villages and other parts of society which is essential for developing. Justice J. Chalameshwar said that development had been historically concentrated in cities like the four metros, which grew at the cost of rest of India.

“The agricultural surplus and other forms of monetary gains were invested in Hyderabad. We are seeing the result today. What one should, therefore, understand is the need for balanced development. Migrations to the urban areas are to be checked not just to ease congestion in cities but to let the villages grow, albeit at a relatively slow pace,” he added.

Naidu said that earlier eradication of poverty was not given priority which lead to becoming more serious issue. He urged people to strive hard to eradicate poverty and help government accomplish goals towards development.