India salutes you! Crowd at Jammu Airport applauded and paid an honor to CRPF Jawans
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Oct-2017

Srinagar, October 10: Our Indian Army has been fiercely fighting back with odds to make us secure. “Indomitable we are, Fearless we are!” CRPF Jawans are Pride of our nation like our fearless Indian Army. Their supreme sacrifice and willpower to battle for our security, while some lay down their lives for honor, for ‘India’. Small gestures from the citizens to thank these brave hearts mean a lot as it happened on Monday when CRPF Jawans was welcomed with a grand round of applauds at Jammu Airport. 

The selfless bravehearts who defeat death for the security of nation deserve much more than what they get. The video was shared by many and the video got splendid reactions praising the CRPF Jawans.


CRPF spokesman Ashish Kumar Jha said the party was welcomed warmly at the terminal building and the applause continued till the last man left for the aircraft. "As the CRPF personnel entered the terminal building of Jammu airport to board the chartered aircraft bound for Srinagar, the public present there gave them a thunderous applause and the building resonated with the sound of applause," Jha said.

"It was a very warm gesture by the public towards the uniform which encourages the force personnel to serve the motherland with utmost zeal and devotion. The CRPF reiterates its commitment towards the service of the country and countrymen," he said.

No one will ever reach an even bit of dedication of a SOLDIER ...!! For our tomorrow, he willingly, selflessly, unpretentiously, gives his today, but asks for nothing in return. Apolitical by nature, he knows he will get nothing from uncaring politicians and scheming civil servants. If he frets about anything at all, it is about the national leadership’s callousness in failing to erect a befitting war memorial to commemorate the supreme sacrifice made by his fallen comrades. He gives so much, gets so little in return, and yet serves with a smile. He is the ideal Indian who has knit India together. If there is some truth in the phrase “kuchh baat hai jo hasti mit-ti nahin hamari” (there is something about us that we cannot be destroyed), it is because of his indomitable courage and his immeasurable sacrifices.

Bravehearts, on behalf of civilians we all salute you. We all owe our freedom to you as you guard us and our nation.