Previous government neglected reports on Rohingya Muslims: Indresh Kumar
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Oct-2017

Nagpur, Oct 10: Welcoming the stand taken by the Narendra Modi government on the issue of Rohingya Muslims, Indresh Kumer, senior member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) alleged that previous government did not give sufficient importance to the reports and intelligence inputs on Rohingya Muslims.

He was talking to reporters on Saturday after visiting the historic Tajuddin Baba Shrine here at the invitation of Sayyad Talib Taji and Sayyad Zarbeer Taji, Sajjadanashin of the shrine. He offered ‘chadar’ at the shrine and prayed for peace and brotherhood.

“I prayed for country’s unity and integrity, seeking his blessings for ushering the spirit of nationalism in all. Those who say Pakistan zindabad should be turned into saying ‘Hindustan Zindabad”, he said.

He said that there were still some misguided elements in our country who hail Pakistan and denounce India. But there were many more who neglect such anti-national elements. They were also equally responsible.

He further added that it was high time to impart modern education along with religious teachings in the madrasas. This will help the community to come out of poverty and live a respectable life.

On the question related to Rohingya immigrants Indresh Kumar without mincing words said that there was no need to show any pity on them. “They (Rohingya) are involved in terror acts and violence. The previous governments have neglected the reports on them”, he alleged.


Terming those who advocated the case of Rohingya Muslims Indresh Kumar as unfaithful to the land and indulging in mere vote bank politics. He said that the Rohingya Muslims who were earlier followers of Sanatana and Buddhist faith turned to terror after converting into Islam a few hundred years ago. They even tried to partition their own country Myanmar, he said adding that such people who could not be faithful to their own country could not be welcomed as refugees in India. They have inflicted violence on Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar despite both belonged to the same ethnic group.

Following a stringent action against them by the Myanmar government, the fled to Bangladesh and now entering India along with the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. They are not helpless at all. The intelligence reports suggested their involvement in terror acts but the earlier government failed to act on those inputs. Now this government has decided to close doors for them.

He said that India has three percent of the total land available in the world and sustains 16 percent of the global population. Already, India has given shelter to refugees from 23 countries. Against this background there was no need to show any leniency to the Rohingya Muslims, he said.

On violence against RSS-BJP workers in Kerala, Indresh Kumar accused the ruling Left Front government of indulging in selective violence against the RSS-BJP activists. The Comrades and their friends are indulging in politics of violence hurting the constitution and democracy, he said.