Delhi is polluted because of bad regulation, not because of two days of Diwali
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Oct-2017

On recent Diwali ban, the popular writer Chetan Bhagat commented that people who fight to remove crackers for Diwali could show the same passion in reforming other festivals full of blood and gore. Recently after judging some petitions, the Apex Court put a ban on the sale firecrackers until November 1 in Delhi-NCR region. The judgment has created a controversy as the ban is only for a certain period of time. He questioned how court could decide how a community would celebrate a festival.

His comments instantly attracted a group of people who criticized him for promoting crackers. Later he clarified that he is not at all promoting cracker industry and supports cracker free Diwali. From his points of view, a ban on a tradition in a country like India is not at all good.

Delhi has become polluted because of many other reasons not only for two days of Diwali. In the rest 99.7% of year, the pollution reasons should be monitored instead of blaming one religion and their festival. He thinks India for its overall growth needs to keep its traditions.

For reducing pollution there should be other measures like less use of cars. Making one community to feel guilty for celebrating its festivals is not just.