Japan to launch a climate research satellite for accuracy in global warming forecast
Source :NewsBharati   Date :27-Oct-2017

Tokyo, October 27: As climate change has become a severe global warning every country is responding in its own way. To analyze the problems properly and forecast global warming-linked environmental changes, Japan will launch a climate research satellite in December.

Japan has planned the launch on December 23. The satellite is named Shikisai. It will long-term monitoring of cloud cover, levels of dust and aerosols in the atmosphere. Other factors including cloud cover, levels of dust and aerosols in the atmosphere will also be monitored.

Japan’s Science Ministry announced the decision on Friday. The aim of this launch to ensure more accurate forecast of global warming and to help to tackle problems related to it. It will be placed in orbit 800 kilometers above the ground.

Tsubame, another satellite Shikisai satellite and both will be carried by an H-2A rocket from a Space Center in southwestern Japan will be launched with The satellite will be able to capture high-resolution observations for optical images because it will travel in a low orbit.