Amit Shah lambasts Kerala CM Vijayan about bloodshed and murder of 84 BJP-RSS workers; launches ‘Jan Raksha Yatra’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Oct-2017
Payyannur, October 3: Launching a stinging attack on CPM led Communist alliance government of Kerala, Bharatiya Janata Party National President Amit Shah said that a series of political murders have been unleashed against the BJP and RSS workers soon after the Communist government came to power in the state. More than 13 BJP-RSS workers have been brutally killed in Kannur district alone which is also home district of Chief Minister Pennarayi Viajayan and state secretary of CPM, Shah said. He asked Chief Minister Vijayan to answer as to who is to blame for the bloodshed and the murder of 84 BJP-RSS workers, if not he.

Amit Shah flagged off ‘Jan Raksha Yatra’, a march against the rising communist violence from Payyannur in Kerala today. He also addressed a public meeting on the occasion. Earlier, the BJP president performed ‘Puja’ in Thalliparamba based Raj Rajeshwar temple at 9 am. Shah will lead the first day of Yatra from Payannur to Ezhilode via Pilathara. Shah will again lead the Yatra from Mambaram to Thalassery via Balam and Venus corner on Thursday. A galaxy of BJP Chief Ministers, union ministers and senior office bearers of the party will also take part in the march till October 17.
Jan Rakhsha Yatra is not a march of BJP workers of Kerala only, instead, this is a march of 11 crore BJP activists across the nation, the party president declared. Shah said that this 15-day marches from Payyannur to Trivandrum is aimed at creating awareness among the people of Kerala against the perpetual Communist violence in the state. While BJP workers in New Delhi will organize daily marches to the CPM head-quarters until October 16, the march will also be held at every state capital against the escalating menace of Communist violence.

Shah said that Payaannur has been chosen as the venue to launch Jan Raksha Yatra, falls under Kannur district where 84 BJP and RSS activists have been brutally murdered so far. I have come to remind the people of Kerala that this is the land of peace and social reforms, Shah said. Ascetics and spiritual legends such as Aadi Shankaracharya, Swami Narayan Gurudev, Shubhanand Swami, Baikunth Swamigal and Brahmanand Swami had once revolutionized this land with their social reforms, he added. Why this land of peace and tranquillity has been turned into a bloody battlefield. Terming the ideology of Communism responsible for swelling political violence, Shah said that Kerala witnessed violence only after the rise of leftist ideology to the power. Not only Kerala Communists have unleashed a spree of unparalleled violence wherever they assumed the power or grew stronger, he said.
Citing West Bengal and Tripura as another bastion of a massacre by the Communists, Shah said that these states have been witnessing political violence soon after the leftists rose to power and remained there for a long time. Political violence is not a new phenomenon for Kerala either because Communists have been in power here for a long time now and whenever they come back to power butchering of political activists begins, the party president said adding that so far 120 BJP-RSS workers have been martyred in Kerala. Holding the Chief Minister Pennarayi Vijayan for the butchering of 120 BJP- RSS workers, the party president said that the Chief Minister should answer as to who is to blame for the bloodshed if not he.

Taking a dig at the so-called human right champions, the BJP president said that why human right activists turn a blind eye when BJP and RSS workers are murdered? Why don’t they see intolerance in such brutal incidents? Why don’t they hold candle march against this violence? Why their eyes do not get moist when Devangana, the daughter of our martyr Ramchandran forgets national song when she remembers her father? They should stop this drama of selective intolerance while all those who believe in peace should come together against this violence, Shah said.
Urging human rights activist to clear their minds of the fallacious approach that red violence does not constitute to be violence, instead, violence is violence, whosoever does it, there is no reason for violence, Shah said. More than 120 BJP and RSS activists have been killed, what wrong did they commit? They were moving ahead with their ideology and thoughts, they were working for the welfare of mother-India, they were spreading nationalist thought in Kerala, then why they are being butchered, in these circumstances your silence raises serious questions on your integrity, Shah said.
The BJP president said that he was moved with great pride and utter despair when he met families of martyrs with some of them even lost their 2 or more beloved ones in communist violence. Still, the fourth member of these families seems to be firmly stood with the ideology of BJP and RSS, Shah recalled. He said that crores of BJP workers shall be inspired by the spirit of these families and are committed to taking their struggle forward. Their martyrdom shall not go waste, he reiterated.
The national president said that the party has just accomplished Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya birth centenary programmes under which more than 8 lakh polling booths have been traversed by the BJP workers and we have advanced in spreading the ideology for which 120 of our activist martyred their lives. I want to tell it to Viajayan Ji that more u will sling the violent mud, more the lotus will bloom, Shah said. Terming the communist ideology as irrelevant and sinking, the BJP president said that Communist should brood as to why they have been shrunk across the globe and also in India, this is because of their reliance on politics of violence. On one hand, Congress has shrunk very fast, on the other hand, more than 80% of Indian territory is ruled by the BJP, our ideology has been spreading very fast, he said.
He said that the BJP will continue to fight for its ideology and shall win at the end despite our opponents resorting to set the office of BJP and RSS on fire, launching a brutal assault on our workers and turning them permanently disabled.
Shah said that we are not the followers of the path of violence, instead, we are the adherents of creating awareness among the people across the nation on the basis of our ideology. We shall bring about a mass awareness in the country about the communist violence and will shake the intelligentsia up, he said. Expressing solidarity with the families of slain activists, Shah said that he cannot compensate their great loss but 11 crore BJP workers salute their martyrdom, it will not go waste.