Shantakka calls for strengthening institution of family for better future
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 03-Oct-2017

Nagpur, Oct 3: Rashtra Sevika Samiti Pramukh Sanchalika Shantakka on Monday called for strengthening the institution of family and life values to build the character and personality of the future generations to make the nation strong.

She was addressing the annual Vijayadashami program of Rashtra Sevika Samiti at Reshambag ground. Noted Gynaecologist Dr Varsha Dhavale was the chief guest on the occasion. Samiti's Pramukh Karyawahika Seetha Annadanam, Vidarbha Karyawahika Rohini Athawale and Nagpur Karyawahika Karuna Sathe were seated on the dais.

Former Pramukh Sanchalika Pramilatai Medhe, and senior RSS Pracharak Dr Shankarrao Tatwavadi were conspicuous by their presence on this occasion.

Incidently, it was the 81st foundation day of the Samiti as this women's organization was founded by revered Lakshmibai Kelkar alias 'Mausiji' in 1936 in consultation with RSS founder Dr K B Hedgewar, initially to prepare women to face all the eventualities in life and contribute their might in nation building mission.

In her address, Shantakka reviewed the Samiti work and stressed on frustrating the nefarious and anti-national designs of separatist, consumerist, and materialism. She said rapidly changing technology, sense of alienation, pursuit of material pleasure forgetting social responsibility and how a woman can change this all.

"A society can be disciplined if every individual follows all the rules as per his responsibility", she said.

Citing examples of people throwing milk on roads during agitation, she said this was wrong and they could have fed thousands of children who did not get milk in their houses and see the satisfaction on their faces. Human being would die for want of food but humanity would be wiped out in the absence of cultural and moral values and ethos.

Shantakka, pointing towards growing attacks on women in spite of spread of education and literacy, expressed concern over the growing incidents of love jihad, especially in Kerala. She said that no amount of legal provisions would suffice to contain these attacks on women; they can be controlled only by creating an atmosphere of humanity.

She said that in Kerala alone the incidents of love jihad have crossed the number of 450 between July and December last year and they were all from higher education institutions like IITs and IIMs. These girls were brainwashed to serve the terrorist organisations against our own motherland. This should serve as an eye opener for the entire society. We must act now to stop this menace of love jihad, she said.

Shantakka further expressed her strong opposition to give shelter to Rohingya Muslim migrants in India. She said that these people could be a liability and threat to our national security and social stability as some of them allegedly have links with the terrorist organizations.

Giving credit to members of Rashtriya Muslims Mahila Manch for normalising the situation in Kashmir, the Samiti Pramukh Sanchalika said that those Muslim women are playing an important role in convincing the people of Kashmir about the futility of violence and terrorism.

She stressed for inculcating and instilling a sense of duty first right from the family level to national level to make the country great.


Dr Varsha Dhavale in her address called upon efforts at the family level to inculcate good moral values and respect for girls. She also called on women to look after their health regularly as health is their only wealth.

Earlier, a troupe of 81 Sevikas presneted a spectacular performance of band ('Ghosh), physical exercises and yoga.

Samiti's Akhil Bharatiya Sharirik Pramukh Manisha Sant, Devgiri Prant Bouddhik Pramukh and Pashshim Kshetra Sampark Pramukh Ratna Hasegaonkar, Nagpur Mayor Nanda Jichkar, RSS Vidarbha Prant Sah-Sanghchalak Ram Harkare and others were prominently present on the occasion.