Catalonia unrest remains; Spain expects more protests and a major rally in Barcelona
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Oct-2017
Madrid, October 7: Spain braced for more protests on Saturday despite tentative signs that the sides may be seeking to defuse the crisis after Madrid offered first apology to Catalans injured by the police during the independence vote attacks. 
Catalan leaders had threatened to declare independence unilaterally and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy vowed to stop them, rejecting calls for mediation in a dispute that has drawn cries of concern even from Barcelona and Real Madrid footballers. 
A tourist-friendly country that invites 7.5 million people each year has suddenly become an open ground to mass fights. The Central government of Spain on Friday suggested Catalonia to hold their regional election to settle the crisis. However, opponents of secession have called for demonstrations around Spain and a major rally in Barcelona on Saturday.
On Saturday, people who support dialogue to end the crisis plan to gather in a bid to pressure mayors nationwide. The anonymous initiative, which spread across social media, seeks to promote talks using the slogan: "Spain is better than its leaders".
Meanwhile, the Spanish government is going through an economic crisis. This came after the Catalan government published final results from the referendum vote indicating that 90 percent of voters backed the region breaking away from Spain. Madrid has said there will be no talks or mediation until the Catalans abandon the independence bid.