Grim face of IS terrorism: Libya's Security Forces find burial sites of over 20 Egyptians killed by IS
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Oct-2017

Tripoli, October 7: The grasp of IS terrorism again comes up with the terrific incident as bodies of 21 Egyptian Christians killed by Islamic State in its former Libyan stronghold of Sirte have been recovered. The report from Libyan Security Forces says found the bodies of Coptic Christians from Egypt, killed by Daesh militants in Libya in 2015.

When the victims were being filmed last time they were in an orange jumpsuit and the bodies have been found in a same orange jumpsuit. They were killed in 2015 in a coastal city as per an official statement. This community of Egypt is now the particular target of terrorists. Since last year IS carried out several attacks on them.

The city Sirte was captured by IS in 2015. Successively in 2013, 2014 the Daesh group captured total 21 Egyptian Christians. In 2015 terrorists distributed a video in which they showed the brutal execution of their captives.