US-backed Syrian armed forces liberate central Syria from ISIS
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Oct-2017

Beirut, October 7: The most dangerous terrorist group the Islamic States has fallen weak in many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria as the US-backed coalition is eradicating them effectively. Now, the Syrian military backed by the US-led coalition has cleared Islamic State from its last pocket of territory in central Syria after months of fighting.


A Syrian Military source said that the country’s security forces have cleared Islamic State from its last pocket of territory in central Syria after months of fighting. “The armed forces completed military operations in the eastern Homs countryside, eliminating the last groups of the terrorist Islamic State in the area and liberating an area of 1,800 square kilometers,” the military source added.

Earlier, Syrian forces have reclaimed Homs city and Aleppo from the possession of Islamic States. Islamic State has lost their control over many cities of Syria after the government forces with the support of Russian armed forces and US-led coalitions have led massive war against ISIS to eradicate them.

However, the government forces and their allies are trying to oust Islamic State from its remaining Syrian positions in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor. Last month the Syrian army’s advance to Deir al-Zor city and lifted a three-year-long siege imposed by Islamic State on a government-held enclave there.

Interestingly, Syria is affected by the civil war since many years due to which thousands of civilians lost their lives while millions were displaced. However, the civil war in Syria has erupted due to clashes between many terrorist organizations and government forces. At least 1,70,000 foreign terrorists have fought under different banners throughout Syria’s civil war.

Over 80,000 foreigners from countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and the Caucasus have been recruited and traveled to Syria between 2013 and 2016 to fight alongside ISIS. This recruitment has been ongoing since 2013. Foreigners comprised up to 85% of ISIS terrorists, and despite the operation launched in mid-2016 to rout the terror organization from Iraq and Syria, over 20,000 foreign terrorists are still fighting alongside ISIS.