Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the states with highest ‘Jobs Availability’ in India
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Nov-2017

Mumbai, November 10: Maharashtra topped with 19.72% in the jobs availability, followed by New Delhi with 16.99% on the second position according to the report of the Skill Map India 2017 by Aspiring Minds. While Telangana stands in the lowest position in jobs availability with 3.47%. 

This shows that Telangana state has been severely groped by unemployment. Telangana State Gross Domestic Product grew by 10.1% at constant prices during 2016-17 to Rs 5.11 lakh crore as against 9.5% to 4.64 lakh crore during 2015-16. Among the age group of 15-29 years, the unemployment rate is estimated to be 7.7% under at state level. This indicates that youth unemployment is one of the major concerns at the present juncture, especially in urban areas.

As per the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) report, the State of Telangana required about additional manpower of 50.9 lakh people – 29.1 lakh skilled and 11.5 lakh semi-skilled and 10.4 lakh unskilled labour during 2012-22. Telangana finds the 9th position on the jobs available and much behind than the States perceived to be not as growth oriented.

However, the southern States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu leads to next two spots with 16.03% and 9.80% respectively. Gujarat (5.63%), West Bengal (4.47%), Madhya Pradesh (4.11%) and Uttar Pradesh (3.7%) are placed above Telangana. In fact, the top four states put together offer close to 65% of the open positions across India.

The study has examined more than 10 lakh open jobs spread across 29 Indian states and 7 Union territories to ascertain demand for 92 job roles and 87 different skill sets in each state. Each job opening was automatically mapped to a generic role and further to the skills that are required to perform that job.

Among different skills, Software developers have the highest demand with 9.74% of the total open job share. After Software Developers, job roles such as Sales professionals, Customer Service, General Management, Marketing professionals and Computer Technicians are trending.

Telangana doesn’t find a place in the top five of the two key skills linked to job creation — Deductive Reasoning and Software Development. Despite Hyderabad emerging as a major hub for software development over the years, Gujarat is ahead of Telangana in software development. Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are in top positions in software development due to their traditionally strong IT industry.

Telangana stands at the 7th position with 56.66 jobs on the availability of the jobs measured on per lakh of population Chandigarh top with 1,054 jobs per lakh of the population but that is due to the fact it is an urban state with best of institutes and companies offering jobs.