Muslim Street Prayers in France gets befitting reply
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Nov-2017

Clichy, November 11: The growing Muslimization in France has got a hitting reply. The lawmakers have openly protested against Muslim Street Prayers in France. The protest headed by the Mayor Remi Muzeau stated that the peace and the freedom of the people in the city must be assured. We must not allow this to happen in our country. Our country, the French Republic is tarnished. He added that if needed, the action could be repeated every Friday.

Earlier in the month of March, the local mosque of Clichy in France was closed due to which the Muslims were used to offer their prayers by using the public space like the streets. But on Friday, a testament to about 100 legislators deranged the offerings of Muslims.

According to the local media, the demonstration was singing the National Anthem La Marseillaise with the holding the banners of Stop Illegal Street Prayers. The group of about 200 males was stopped by the officials from chanting Allahu Akbar.

The head of the Union of Muslim Associations of Clichy, Hamid Kazed said that we are not fundamentalists this is an attempt to divide the citizens he accused the lawmakers. While the opposing groups were separated by the police and the injuries were ward off. On the other side, the Muslims managed to hold their prayers.

Muslims have prayed every Friday in front of the local town hall for eight months after a mosque was closed and turned into a library after a court battle. While, a newly opened Islamic cultural complex was allotted as the replacement mosque, as it is too far from the center of town, protestors complained about the lack of space to accommodate growing Islamic population in the city.

In France, Islam is the second most practiced religion. It accounts for about 8 percent of the population majority. There are about 30 Muslim schools in France most of which are privately owned compared to 8,727 non-Islam schools.