UN Chief urges to accelerate climate action
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Nov-2017

New York, November 11: Climate change related disasters are occurring in several countries while pollution is also bothering the world constantly. Temperature change to melting of ice in Antarctica, the effects of climate change are worsening in the entire world. Against this backdrop, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called on the global community to redouble efforts to help countries respond to climate shocks, especially the most vulnerable.

“I am encouraged to see climate action taking hold, at all scales, at all levels, involving an ever-wider coalition of actors and institutions,” said the Secretary-General. But he added the need to do more on the issue.

UN Chief will participate in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23). There he will urge efforts to accelerate climate action as well as to raise ambition to do more. In 2019, he will convene a Climate Summit to mobilize political and economic energy at the highest levels.

“I ask world leaders to show courage in combatting entrenched interests; wisdom in investing in the opportunities of the future; and compassion in caring what kind of world we build for our children,” he said.