We will not let democracy buried in Kerala: thousands of ABVP activists vow for ideology of Bharat
Source :NewsBharati   Date :12-Nov-2017

Thiruvananthapuram, November 12: We will not let democracy buried in Kerala. This was stated by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) during the conclusion of its Maharally in Kerala “Chalo Kerala” where thousands of activists vowed for an ideology of Bharat. Notably, the Maharally which was conducted by ABVP in Kerala aimed to escape the state from red terrorism.


ABVP Maharally “Chalo Kerala” concluded on Saturday with strong enthusiasm in the pious land of Thiruvananthapuram. Thousands of activists from all over India participated in the Maharally. The whole city seemed to be saffronised remembering the sacrifice of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for having a democratic vision and different ideology from the present government ie. CPI(M) government.

ABVP karyakartas have travelled from Kashmir to Kerala just to escape the state from red terrorism. On this occasion, ABVP stated that the sacrifices made by our activists in Kerala was not just for the ideology or organization but it is for the ideology of Bharat.

Interestingly, the way present government CPI(M) is neglecting the deaths of the innocent people and the continuous attacks on students having different ideology directly reflects the involvement of CPI(M) govt. in all the cases.

Addressing the Maharally, National Gen. Secretary Vinay Bidre firstly welcomed all the delegates in the rally and started his address by a slogan 'Abhimanam, Abhimanam, Abhimanam Keralam; Apmanam Apmanam Apmanam Communism and stated that Kerala is a place of cultural heritage, its the pious land of Aadishankracharya, a state famous for its natural beauty and literacy rate but communists have tried their best to destroy everything.

Vinay Bidre also said, “In 1957 when CPI(M) came in power, the worst phase for innocent people have started. Since Pinrayi Vijayran became CM of Kerala, at least 14 innocent people have lost their lives and more than 300 got attacked.” “Extremism is the power of communists and CPIM government in Kerala is following the same,” he added.

The National General Secretary of ABVP further said, “We have come to the land of Kerala to put the real face of communists in front of the whole nation, to support our martyrs families, to expose the brutality done by communists on thousands of innocent people in Kerala, to salute our martyrs and to reveal the dual character of communists.”

“In JNU they claim a pen as their strength but here they use sword as their strength. The present situation of kerala clearly shows that CPIM is anti-women, anti-dalit, anti-education, anti-democracy and anti-Bharat,” Vinay Bidre concluded firing CPIM.

Meanwhile, ABVP's National Organising Secretary Sunil Ambekar addressed the crowd by stating that 21yrs ago on 17th September 1996, CPIM killed young students sujith, anu and kim but after getting motivated from their sacrifices thousands of students in Kerala took a pledge to throw communism out of Kerala. “Communists in Delhi usually claims that they are fighting for the rights of poor people but in reality, there have killed an ample number of people in Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and West Bengal,” said Sunil Ambekar.

He also said that the communists want to create terror in common person's mind to be in power. “Communism, Maoism and Terrorism are same. Today from this stage I want to tell communists that the land of Kerala is not the land of forcefully getting in power yet it is the land of sacrifice,” Sunil Ambekar added.

Kishore Burman, West Bengal organizing secretary also further exposed the dual nature of the communists existing there and the terror they are spreading in the lives of the common people. While National convenor Think India ABVP, Ashish Chauhan said that suppressing other views is no democracy at all. “ABVP is always open to have debates and discussions on all aspects,” he added.

On the other side, Nidheesh o' Narendran who is a National secretary ABVP bared the brutalities of the communist goons in Kerala and let the delegates meet with the real face of communism in Kerala. The Kerala state secretary Shyamraj gave the introduction of all martyrs's family members who came to attend the rally and also explained about the struggle our activists and innocent people are facing in Kerala since 1969.

JNU Presidential candidate Nidhi Tripathi stated that the dual character of these communist goons is now exposed among the all. We are quite familiar with their so-called freedom of speech and expression quotes but what actually they follow is in front of all.

On this occasion, 1994 victim Sadanand Master shared how brutally CPIM chopped off his two legs and stated that CPIM is nothing but a terrorist organization. Concluding the rally, National president Dr. Nagesh Thakur asserted that we need to make the Kerala a violence-free state. Further Dr. Rakesh made all the delegates pledged for communism and violence-free Kerala. Interestingly, this Maharally gave the message that whole nation stands with the democratic visionaries of Kerala.