UN condemns North Korea as it puts nuclear program before welfare of people
Source :NewsBharati   Date :15-Nov-2017

New York, November 15: In North Korea, common citizens are never allowed to speak to outside media, nor the foreign tourists are allowed to take any photographs. The main reason behind this is the country wants to hide the grave poverty and human right issues prevailing there. But still, this country is mainly expanding on missile development, nuclear tests. In this context, U.N. panel on Tuesday adopted a resolution condemning North Korea for its human rights violations.

On Tuesday the resolution mainly targeted the country for diverting its resources to pursue nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles instead of helping its people, over half of whom need more food and improved medical care. The resolution was led by Japan- and the European Union. Some countries including China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba, declined to join the motion.

The measure condemned “the long-standing and ongoing systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights” in North Korea. 61 countries co-sponsored the resolution. It is expected to be adopted in general assembly in December.

North Korea’s UN ambassador called it “a product of the political and military confrontation, plot and conspiracy of the United States and other hostile forces.”