Sooner or Later, people always throw out dynasty politics; Zimbabwe, a classic example
Source :NewsBharati   Date :16-Nov-2017


Harare, November 16: It is very surprising to see a leader who once fought for country’s freedom suddenly becomes a controversial figure in national politics. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s story is a classic example how common mass throws out dynasty politics, later or sooner. On Wednesday Zimbabwe military took over the control of the public broadcasting house and later announced the president who is in a house arrest will step down. For the grace of early life still, people want him to be respected and safe but never wants his wife Grace Mugabe as next President.
Grace Mugabe, the 40 years younger wife of President Mugabe has been called a power-hungry opportunist by her haters. Until military steeped in yesterday, she was all set to achieve her desired post bringing dirty dynasty politics in country. Zimbabwe President sacked his deputy, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week making the steps clear for his wife. But this decision brought the fall of him soon.

The typist of Zimbabwe state house gradually reached to the post of vice president after marrying Robert Mugabe in 1996. The lady who calls herself 'shy' got involved in mainstream politics in 2014. Before that, she used to look after family's vast business and real estate interests in Zimbabwe and beyond. Since she got married she earned the reputation of extreme expenditure from lavish wedding to construction of two mansions. Once she spent at least US$100,000 in Paris, as per the report. Since then she got the nickname “Gucci Grace”.

In 2014, she was awarded a controversial PhD in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe. Her activity in politics increased after she got elected as the first secretary of the Zanu PF women's league. Then also she catalyzed the fall of then Vice-President Joice Mujuru. Again the same mistake in 5 years was not spared by country. She even was alleged for trying to kill now acting President Mnangagwa by poisoning. “Grace overreached herself when she thought she was very powerful, thinking she could remove the pillar that had been holding Mugabe in power,” a political analyst said.
“Grace pushed things too far. She and her family and close friends who have looted and siphoned the money out of the country are in dire straits as we move forward.” The statements prove how people blame Gucci Grace and still now thinks Robert Mugabe was paralyzed by her.
But what the country awaits next none knows. If after removal of Mugabe fair elections are held then it is hopeful. But if there is a coup, African Union (AU) does not count people who come into power by unconstitutional means. If there is a military coup, Zimbabwe will be suspended from the AU.