Chinese people warned against adopting western values, culture
Source :NewsBharati   Date :18-Nov-2017

Beijing, Nov 18: After Chinese Premier Xi Jinping consolidated his position in China as head of the state and the party, the Chinese people have received a warning not to give up their culture and get swayed away with the western values and culture.

According to AsiaNews, China’s propaganda chief Huang Kunming, who was appointed head of the Propaganda Department of Communist Party of China (CPC), has warned the people of China against abandoning their culture.

The People’d Daily quoted him as saying that some western countries “are trying to seduce people” by peddling “so-called ‘universal values’” as to make them abandon “their identification with their own spiritual culture.”


In his article in the daily paper, he expanded on what President Xi Jinping has said for years and which he stressed in his long speech at the Party congress.

Huang Kunming wrote that people of China should never submit to ‘foreign’ ideologies or ways of thinking like multi-party democracy but should adhere to traditional Chinese culture and should not oppose the total control of the Communist party over every aspect of Chinese social life.

“There are especially some Western countries who use their technological advantages and dominance of discourse that they have accumulated over a long period to peddle so-called ‘universal values’,” Huang wrote in his article.

Such countries “are trying to seduce people into ‘beautifying the West’ and ‘being compliant with the West’, weakening or even abandoning their identification with their own spiritual culture”, he added.

Without falling into their trap, China should remain glues to its culture by promoting core socialist values. Then only the Chinese people can stand tall in the ‘forest of the world’s people’, Huang argued in his article.

China has already put restrictions on Christians and Muslims in the country on celebrating their festivals and preaching their religion and life values.

It has also jailed those who demand a multiparty state and freedom of expression, even if they use non-violence, people like Liu Xiaobo, letting them die when they get sick.