India, US and China comes together for cyberspace security
Source :NewsBharati   Date :18-Nov-2017

New Delhi, November 18: To increase the security of cyberspace, for the first time three countries have come together to secure cyberspace and make it a safer place to work. India, US and China have joined their hands for this issue.A joint trilateral meeting was held between the nations at Swami Vivekanand International Foundation, a New Delhi based think tank.


Establishing the relationship between cyber security and socio-economics, Arvind Gupta, director, Vivekanand International Foundation, said, "Cyber is no more limited to security only, it is now linked with socio-economic as well, which includes politics, industry, health, education and critical infrastructure. This is why cyber security and safety has become an imperative issue. If attention will not be given to cyber security then its socio economic consequences can be serious."

There are 40 countries that are building cyber weapons capabilities. But there are possibilities of misunderstandings and miscalculations between the countries due to improper and incomplete data. So to avoid this misunderstanding and miscalculation this trilateral meeting was held.

During the meeting, delegates identified specific mechanisms for improving cooperation on a trilateral basis to investigate and respond to cyber incidents.

The delegation also explored ways to contribute to overall trust building between the parties including the potential role for industry in this regard.

Cyberspace is an e-medium through which the global companies communicate. Cyberspace's core feature is an interactive and virtual environment for a broad range of participants.