Now Jharkhand to get 1000 Ideal villages which will be free from open defecation and addictions
Source :NewsBharati   Date :20-Nov-2017

Ranchi, November 20: For making the villages of Aara-Keram toxication free the Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has announced the incentives of Rs.1 lakh to the villages. On Monday, Ranchi Deputy Commissioner will jointly give a cheque of Rs.1 lakh to these two villages. Also, the local MLA will provide 5 computers in their village. Education is very important for development said, Das. The CM was on his visit to the Aara-Keram Village on Sunday.

The Chief Minister said that the government is working with the aim of eliminating poverty from Jharkhand. The BPL family will be excluded from the poverty line in a planned manner by providing employment. The village will be freed from the BPL card. There are also 15-20 BPL families in Aara and Keram village, which will be given employment under Johar scheme. These families will also be free from the BPL category.

The Chief Minister said that the biggest medium of elimination of poverty is education. Educate children. Being educated, people cannot be misled. People will be aware of their rights, but some anti-state forces do not want that development to happen. Development in the country has been blocked for 67 years. Now it will not happen. The country is moving forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Jharkhand is also moving forward.


Two villages Aara-Keram of the Tundahuli Panchayat of Ormanjhee, located about 30 km away from Ranchi, have set the example of ideal Village. Around 550 people live in 110 houses in this village, situated in the midst of natural beauty. The villagers have changed the picture of both the villages in a year. Villagers said that people also used to drink alcohol in the village two years ago. With the efforts of villagers and women, today the village is toxicant free.

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said that Aara and Keram village has made their identities as the ideal village in Jharkhand. Based on this basis, 1000 villages of Jharkhand will be made an ideal village, which will be free of addiction and free from defecation in the open. There will be no BPL family. The villages will be clean, literate and self-supporting. Incentives for 20 thousand rupees per month will be given to Panchayats of such villages.