Bars to Human Rights: Chinese lawyer prisoned for two years
Source :NewsBharati   Date :21-Nov-2017

Beijing, November 21: A human rights activist lawyer, Jiang Tainyong, jailed for two years on account of inciting subversions of state power by a court in Changsha.


The court says that “Jiang has long been infiltrated and influenced by anti-China forces and gradually formed the idea of overthrowing the existing political system of the country." It also found him guilty of traveling abroad for training aimed at overthrowing the Chinese government and having "applied for financial support from foreign anti-China forces."The conviction was based on the provoking posts by the lawyer against the Chinese government departments.

In 2013, Jiang and some other lawyers founded a lawyers' group for human rights protection services and interfered in and pushed up some domestic cases under the pretext of "rights protection”. Jiang had unscrupulously distorted facts, incited others to gather and cause trouble in public areas, and provoked hostility against the government in several cases including that of Zhou Shifeng, a former lawyer convicted of subverting state power in 2015.

In 2016 He guided wife of Chen Guiqiu, wife of former Hunan lawyer Xie Yang, to construct a series of articles about Xie being tortured during detention and spread these articles on the Internet.

But the other side of the coins shows a different scenario. As the wife of Jiang, Jin Bianling says that her husband is innocent and she hopes her husband gets bail. The lawyers she hired to represent him were not allowed by the authorities.

She says that Jiang’s parents had been under close watch and his sister taken away by Changsha authorities soon as she arrived at the court on Tuesday morning. He was forced to plead guilty.

In a communist country China now the question arises whether the Communism wins or freedom of expression.