Suicide bomber at a mosque in northeast Nigeria kills at least 50
Source :NewsBharati   Date :21-Nov-2017

Abuja, November 21: Terrorism seems to hold some African countries with a strong grip. Nigeria again starts the day with bloodshed as bomb blast hit a mosque in Mobi, Adamawa State, North-east Nigeria. During the time of blast, worshippers were holding prayer. As per the latest report from AFP, at least 50 people are dead till now.

“We were made to understand that there was a bomb blast at a mosque in Mubi and over 30 lives were lost. A boy of about 17-year-old wearing a suicide vest entered the mosque along with other worshippers. Immediately after the prayers, he detonated the bomb. Many of the wounded are receiving treatment at various hospitals in Mubi North where the attacks occurred around Kunu Araha area,” Othman Abubakar, a police spokesman told local media confirming the blast.

In a common manner, again minor suicide bombers were used to create the terror. Though no one has claimed responsibility, still it is being predicted that Boko Haram is responsible for the incident. Though Nigerian government claims, it has destroyed Boko Haram terror but incidents like this are recurring again and again.

Governor Muhammed Umar Jibrilla Bindow has condemned the incident terming it as an act of wickedness. He assured his citizens that government would ensure their security. He urged local residents to co-operate with security agencies so that the culprits can be detained.