US imposes new sanctions on North Korea and Chinese traders connected with Pyongyang
Source :NewsBharati   Date :22-Nov-2017

Washington, November 22: When the United States announced to bring back North Korea to the list of states sponsoring terrorism, it mentioned to come back with new sanctions on North Korea. As per the previous statement, US imposed new sanctions Tuesday on North Korean shipping firms and Chinese trading companies. Those sanction slapped organizations are accused of helping North Korea to escape nuclear restrictions against Pyongyang.

"The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control today sanctioned one individual, 13 entities, and 20 vessels as the United States continues to take action multilaterally and unilaterally to disrupt North Korea’s illicit funding of its unlawful nuclear and ballistic missile programs," the US Treasury Department said in a statement.

The US is constantly trying to put pressure on North Korea by hurting its business and gradually isolating it from the international community. That is why they blacklisted Chinese companies, Dandong Kehua Economy & Trade Co., Dandong Xianghe Trading Co., and Dandong Hongda Trade Co which are accused of having a huge amount of trade with North Korea.

The sanctions mainly target persons and entities with long-standing commercial ties to North Korea.The sanctions mainly target persons and entities with long-standing commercial ties to North Korea.  A Chinese national Sun Sidong and his company, Dandong Dongyuan Industrial Co. have also been sanctioned as it is said to have exported more than $28 million worth of goods to the Nuclear freak country.

"China firmly opposes unilateral sanctions out of the U.N. Security Council framework," the Chinese Embassy in Washington said Tuesday. China especially opposes “the imposition of the so-called 'long-arm jurisdiction' by other countries in accordance with their domestic laws."