Hyderabad Metro will adopt Driver-less technology soon
Source :NewsBharati   Date :23-Nov-2017

Hyderabad, November 23: Have you ever travelled by a train which runs without a driver? If not then you may get a chance do travel by a driver-less train as Hyderabad Metro will soon adopt driver-less technology.


Hyderabad Metro will adopt driver-less Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) technology on all of its three corridors. L&T has in the past 2-3 years carried out successful trial runs of this technology on this line as well. The first 30-kilo meter long stretch of the metro Rail will be opened up for operations in two separate intersecting corridors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to formally inaugurate the Hyderabad Metro Rail project on 28th of this month during his visit to the city for the Global Entrepreneurs Summit 2017.

Though the trains will be equipped with CBTC tech, still it would not be used completely. The reason for so was given by the HMR managing director N.V.S. Reddy , The L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad (L&TMRH) has deployed the latest technology available for the metro rail system through CBTC and this can enable automatic train control operations, but for now, we will not be using the technology to the fullest”.

A CBTC system is a "continuous, automatic train control system utilizing high-resolution train location determination, independent from track circuits; continuous, high-capacity, bidirectional train-to-wayside data communications; and trainborne and wayside processors capable of implementing Automatic Train Protection (ATP) functions, as well as optional Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) functions.", as defined in the IEEE 1474 standard.[2]