After UN, US asks Saudi Arabia to ease its barrier of Yemen
Source :NewsBharati   Date :23-Nov-2017

Washington DC, November 23: The United States showing its support to Yemen asked Saudi Arabia to ease its barrier of Yemen. Just few days before the Saudi-led military alliance proclaimed on Wednesday that it would let assistance flow through the Yemeni port of Hodeidah and also permit UN flights to the capital said the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. 

Attempting to make the foreign policies of Saudi moderate, Tillerson many a times have requested the crown prince of Riyadh Mohammed bin Salman which showed a soft corner of the US to Yemen. The United States is making continuous effort this month to assist the situation prevailing in Yemen.

The United Nations on 17th November urged Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen to fully lift its blockade of the country and also warned that untold thousands would die if it stayed in place. Notably, Yemen is suffering drastically from dual attack i.e from civil war and cholera that has killed thousands of innocent civilians.

Yemen has been severely hampered due to the dual attack including civil war and outbreak of cholera. For the generous aid deliveries as the people in Yemen are suffering from cholera, the United Nations Security Council has asked the Saudi-led military coalition to keep all Yemen air and seaports. The Council members in a meeting have conveyed concern about the extremely serious humanitarian situation in Yemen.