Syrian oppositions agree to send delegation in Geneva peace talks
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-Nov-2017

Riyadh, November 24: It is definitely good news for Syria that opposition groups agreed to send delegation is Geneva talks. International groups and communities are also increasing pressure for a political solution to the six-year-long crisis in the country. The opposition groups are holding a talk in Riyadh and the announcement came on the second day.

Recently Russian President, Turkish President, Iranian president also held Syria talks in Sochi where they also called on the opposition to “constructively participate along with Syrian government in a planned talk in Sochi.

“We have agreed with the groups here in Riyadh, along with the Cairo and Moscow platforms, to form one united delegation to participate in the Geneva talks,” Syrian opposition member Bassma Kodmani told.

Previously several rounds of talks in UN failed to bring any solution. But now as per reports, Syrian war is approaching an end. In this context, a political solution to bring change in a constitutional way with free and fair elections is very important in Syria.

However, the oppositions stuck to their demand of Russian President Assad’s resignation. “The participants stressed that this (the transition) cannot happen without the departure of Bashar al Assad and his clique at the start of the interim period,” opposition groups said in a communique at the end of a meeting in Saudi Arabia.