New Jharkhand: Now Traffic personnel will be sacked if traffic jammed
Source :NewsBharati   Date :24-Nov-2017
Ranchi, November 24: Instructions to the officials is given by the Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Thursday to keep all the four-ways and the intersections of the capital jam free. The meeting was held to discuss to the issues related to traffic management and sanitation of Ranchi.

Traffic workers deployed on all major chowk and intersections of the city will be convicted if Auto Rickshaw or any other Vehicle will stop at these places including Kishori Singh Yadav Chowk, Kantoli Chowk, Lalpur Chowk. No stuffs should be kept outside the shops. Such shopkeepers should be warned first, but if they do not accept strict action should be taken against them.


Talking about the Shops beside the roads CM said that the police in charge and the Traffic police will be sacked if any autos, e-rickshaws were found standing on roads and also if any stuffs of the shops will be kept on the roads. If you do good work, then reward will be given. He also directed the officers to call on the auto and e-rickshaw drivers and explain them about the new traffic rules. Even after, they stop there, seize their vehicle.


Need to work by planning to improve the traffic system. Whatever plans you make, apply it strictly. Make more public participation, only then we can make the city free from filth and jam free. He asked officials to make a separate meeting with shopkeepers, auto and e-rickshaw drivers. Explain to everyone that this is their city and they have an important role in making it clean and free of jam.

In the meeting, the Chief Minister said that the two-wheeler drivers should wear helmets strictly. If anybody is driving two-wheeler is not wearing helmet then they should not be allowed to run motorcycle on the ring road and highway. On the ring road and highway people should use head lights of the vehicles. Seat belts are also important. It will save human lives in accidents. The rules on the policemen should be strictly applicable. If the policemen were caught without a helmet vehicle or breaking the law, strict action should be taken against them. If any person tries to show the relation with big personalities when caught then note their vehicle number, name and mobile number and also send invoices directly to their home.

Apply the Automated Number Plate Reader (ANPR) system to the major chowks of the city. This will allow easy access to the vehicle number of law breaker. Shift the Vegetable markets from the places of Morhabadi, Kachahri Road etc., to another place. To reduce traffic on Ranchi railway station road a new road should connect to the station from Donda which will help the people to reach station earlier