Russia gets back to US: Russian President Putin signs controversial 'foreign agents' media law
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Nov-2017

Moscow, November 26: It was highly expected that Russia would come up with retaliatory action as US told register RT as a foreign agent in the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday signed a new media law which says any media outlet could be required to register as a foreign agent if it receives financial assistance from foreign states or organizations. The law will allow county’s Ministry of justice to list any foreign media outlet as a foreign agent.

Now Foreign Medias need to register as foreign media receiving fund from outside otherwise they may not be allowed to carry on their activity. Moreover, if they register they have to announce themselves as foreign agent while giving out any content to audience or consumers.

Many US-funded broadcasters including US-funded broadcasters, including Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty could be affected by the law. These broadcasters had already been notified by Russia’s Ministry of justice that these could be enlisted.

Every three months the foreign media has to inform its expenditure and the sources of its funding and every six months it has to submit a report of its activities. If media outlets fail to do so , may face suspension of its activities.

This move of Russia targeting US media was prompted by US allegation of Russian media’s alleged interference in 2016 US Presidential election. Russian broadcaster RT was directed to enlist as a foreign agent media.