Indian Consulate in Bali opens facilitation centre to assist stranded Indian nationals
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Nov-2017

Bali, November 28: Volcanic activity of Mt.Agung in Bali has created a terrific situation in the area leading to the shutdown of the main airport. Due to the cancellation of flights thousands of travelers are stranded in the airport. Indian Embassy in Jakarta is working to support stranded Indian citizens in Bali and a helpdesk has also been opened. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has also assured of highest assistance to Indian Nationals.

Starting from Monday the closure of airport is continuing till Tuesday. Since Saturday, Mount Agung has been erupting and spewing thick layers of ash into the atmosphere. The possibility that the bigger eruption might happen is getting closer.

"We and all the stakeholders put utmost importance in-flight safety. This decision was taken to ensure that," said Wisnu Darjono, Airnav's operation director. AirNav Indonesia is the country's air navigation agency.

Consulate General of India, Bali has a helpdesk at Bali airport to assist Indian nationals in Bali affected by Mt. Agung eruption. It's operational from 9 am & is on the 2nd floor of the International terminal. A special helpline has also been set up.

The Volcano erupted in Bali for the first time in 54 years in September 2017. Then 140,000 people were forced to evacuate and the again were told to return as volcanic activity decreased in October. The Volcano erupted in Bali on Tuesday for the first time after September. Within a 7.5 kilometer radius of the volcano, the people have been advised to stay away from areas. The volcano last erupted in 1963 killing nearly 1,600 people.